How you enter this world and what your mama feeds you makes a difference

I just gave birth 3 months ago to a healthy girl…our third. A week before she was birthed, my doctor did an ultrasound and found she was breech (head up, not down), so she was going to try and turn her, and if not, suggested a cesarean (C-section). While we discussed options, I asked her for her opinion on the proposed technique of swabbing the newborn with cotton that was placed in the vaginal canal if she does come via C-section, since I had read a Canadian study from 2013 that showed differences in gut bacteria in 4 month old babies depending on whether they were born vaginally or C-section. Researchers collected poop samples from 24 four month old babies and found that kids born vaginally had more “good” bacteria than those born via c-section.

This study also observed that formula affects the gut flora – even if the children are getting a combo of formula and breast milk!

My doctor wasn’t that enthusiastic about this cotton swab idea. But since I’ve been reading more and more about the gut bacteria making such a difference in your overall health, I really pushed this idea so I can make sure that my baby has the maximum bacterial diversity from the start.

In the end I didn’t need a C-section as she turned the last minute!

Click here for the original study.

This is another article (from 1999) first showing that a certain group of bacteria isn’t present in C-section babies and after 6 months, has not caught up to the same levels as vaginal birthed babies. 

This is an interesting interview with a researcher who did what I was hoping would happen if I had a C-section. Worth a read if this affects your birth!

Finally, this link is to an interesting site by a microbiome researcher. She summarizes, eloquently, different topics and the link brings you to the one I just wrote about!



  1. Biome Onboard Awareness

    Hi! Two of my babies were in breach position. I used an old Indian treatment that was actually recommended by my ob, who was a high risk ob, to successfully dislodge and flip both babies! I recall discussion of trying manual flip if the Indian technique failed. The Indian position raises your pelvis above your upper body such that shoulders and head remains flat on the floor. You rest your pelvis a top stacked pillows for a bit. I felt a lot of pressure as all slipped upward towards the chest cavity. Just sharing should you have a repeat breach….

    I noticed somehow that your site refers to my website which I truly appreciate. Who are you? I don’t see an about. You can email me this info. Just curious…

    • Rani C

      Hi there! We are just a couple of people interested in all things gut!

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